April 2, 2013

Happy (Late) Easter

I hope everyone had a good Easter with friends and family. This year I spent Easter with my Washington family with whom we used to be neighbors until we bought our house. These guys took one look at me and Jeff when we moved in, heard Jeff was leaving right away and decided to adopt me and Caroline - and Jeff when he's around. This was almost two years ago and we've shared so many wonderful holidays with them so far. 

Well this is the princess absolutely thrilled to sit still while mom tries to snap some photos. But this is her Easter dress I made using the tried-and-true jumper pattern from oliver + s with some new fabric by Riley Blake. Let me just say, when I washed this stuff before sewing, it came out feeling almost like flannel. It has that lovely smooth, almost buttery texture to it.

She's much happier tearing around the front yard with her Easter Disney princess balloon (surely there is something wrong here?)... more Disney princesses.

 C's Washington grandparents have a fantastic yard. K and D have spent hours upon hours making into this little haven with an astounding variety of plants that will soon have her garden looking like a rainbow and smelling divine. And of the hundreds of things growing in her yard, I can point to anything and K will be able to tell me what it is, when it'll bloom and if you can eat/drink it. It also makes for a fantastic egg hunt!

I had to stop the little terror from taking ALL the eggs - she just looks like a hoarder here.

And here she is sampling the goods. What is it about children and 'no, you have to eat real food before you eat anymore candy' and immediate loss of hearing?

After our dinner, the kids brought out the croquet set and as you can see, we're not quite up on form, or accuracy, just yet. She was certainly enthusiastic about it, though, and we all have to start somewhere!

And as you can see from the glorious sun, we had an amazing day - I think it might have actually touched 70 here! I was just happy there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The ground was still cool without any shoes on, and the nights are definitely nippy but I can feel Spring is really beginning to show itself.

Annnnnd, this is how I'm still spending most of my time. Although I'm now doing it with yet another cold. I swear, children have to be one of the biggest workouts for your immune system - but many of you already know that. One of my papers is on Byzantine art and it is turning out to be quite a fascinating study. A definite downside, however, is now I need to find the time/money to go traipsing around to view these things in person. It is a bit of a mystery to me how this worked out, but I do not remember ever studying much about Byzantium and yet we get so much from that great empire - especially much of our religious imagery. Anyhow, if anyone is remotely interested in the history of Byzantium I'd suggest Byzantium: A Short History by John Julius Norwich. He has quite the sense of humor and it makes for a pretty fun and relatively light read.

On the stitching front, I'm working on Mary Gibson's 1824 Sampler from the Halsmere Museum collection and really liking this piece. For whatever reason it is so easy for me to follow that I have put away my 40ct work and am working away on this whenever I get 30 minutes or so. I'm using the recommended DMC cotton and a basic 36 ct linen that I put through a coffee dye/stain. Well, that's all for now...

Until next time... 


Margaret said...

I love Caroline's dress! Great job! Love seeing the pics of her during your Easter celebrations too. Lovely stitching as well! You're so right about kids and your immune system. That was when we were the sickest was when our kids were little ones.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Caroline's dress is adorable--you did an excellent job.

Envious (in a good way) of your warm Easter Sunday ours was wet and cold. Yuck

Your Mary Gibson sampler is beautiful

Laurie in Iowa said...

Caroline's dress is so sweet. I'm glad you enjoyed your Easter with your Washington family.

Deb said...

You did a beautiful job on Caroline's dress and she is a beautiful little girl! It looks like you had a wonderful day for Easter. We're still cold here. Mary Gibson looks wonderful. That one is definitely on my 'to stitch' list!!

Barb said...

Your little girl looks adorable! I am considering that sampler. Your words are encouraging me to get it going!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Caroline is so pretty and her dress is darling. I grew up an Army brat and my mom and my brother and sister have a family that we spent many vacations with as our dads were often stationed together and deployed at the same time.

I love your progress on Mary Gibson. I think I stitched her the minute she came out and I love her. Can't wait to see your finish!