November 28, 2012

Trouble with finishing.

I think we can all agree that most of us suffer from 'startitis' where we cannot keep ourselves from beginning another project when we already have a large working stack. I also suffer from finishing failure. So these are the biggies I'm trying hard to wrap up but I've also been rearranging my fabric pairings and pulling some particular pieces so I can start again on Hannah Pepper. I was so excited to get that one started and then so discouraged when I had cut the fabric incorrectly. I've also been really bad and ordered a couple more samplers from GigiR's private collection. I'm sure once those get here I'll be all sorts of side-tracked again.

Sorry about the wrinkles - I was working on this one right before I took these pictures. Anyhow, this is the Amsterdam Sampler by Kunst & Vliegwerk and it's coming along quite nicely. I have the entire border to complete once the smaller motifs are done but I think that'll be good for these quiet evenings ahead of me. 

I have had to tweak a few colors here and there so some of the motifs will show up better on the fabric. All of them are so pretty I want to make sure they will be seen clearly!

Here is Miss Eden - my enthusiasm for her is still the same but my distracted nature lately has kept me from sticking to just one of these... obviously. 

And to round things out, I'm still plugging away at Elizabeth Mears. The house is a bit of a beast to finish and make sure all those windows line up just right. This is sad to say, but unfortunately the house sometimes takes more concentration than I'm willing to give it and I'd rather let it sit instead of picking out a bunch of mistakes. As much as I do love this sampler, I am just needing an extra push to get really moving on it.

I've been busy in the sewing room, which obviously takes away from any stitching I can do (!) but I just love this pattern from oliver + s. My sister-in-law must have had the same brain-wave as me when she saw this as she made one for my daughter for her birthday using adorable fabric that I also had my eye on. Having that dress on hand was a great bit of tuition as I was able to look at how my SIL did the seams and what the finished product was supposed to look like and I'm sure saved quite a bit of hair-pulling. I bought quite a few pieces of Christmas fabric so I could make dresses for my nieces to have this season. Oh, and one for Caro as well.

The house is coming along as well. The dining room is almost finished - I just need to paint the new closet doors white before I can call that room (for the most part) complete. My in-laws visited before the man headed out and they really helped with some of our smaller projects. We had no coat closet in the house and the previous owners had built a sort of ramshackle box out in the garage so we decided to take an area that was a built-in desk area and turn it into a closet. Every house needs more storage, right? 

That's a bit of a long wrap-up for all that's going on around here. I hope everyone is having a good holiday season so far!

Until next time... 


Margaret said...

I love seeing your BAPs! They're all wonderful projects, so pretty! Good for you on making those dresses after seeing what your sister did too. They're very cute! Love seeing the dining room too. Very pretty!

Nicola said...

The little dresses are adorable, if I had a little girl I would use this pattern too.

You have some lovely samplers on the go, it would be a shame not to finish and frame them. They will look so beautiful hung in your new dining room.

Gray Bonnet said...

Lovely updates!

Your stitching is beautiful--I love those samplers. And that dress pattern is just exquisite and timeless, and the fabric is perfect.

Laurie in Iowa said...

The dresses are adorable. I enjoyed seeing all your wonderful WIPs.

Barb said...

You have so many beautiful sampler starts! Plus, those dresses are adorable.

Annette-California said...

All your wips are beautiful projects. I love seeing them. when I saw the photo of your dining room I thought your samplers would look great to be on display there.
Darling dresses - great style:)
love Annette

Chris said...

I too have finishing failure. YOu have some beautiful samplers going. Just keep plugging away.
I house is looking great!!

Siobhán said...

The bookshelves look great! I always wanted that sort of thing in my living room. We have no storage space in this house, either... we have a walk in closet in our bedroom and that's looked on as a 'wow, what a fancy thing!'. Weird!

Your samplers are all so pretty. I love BAPs but always feel like I'm chugging along on them and not finishing them. All of the WIPs are soooo nice.

The dresses are so cute! I wish my kids were younger or maybe it's that I wish I was more into crafty things when they were younger.

Katrina said...

Love, love, love all your projects!!!!! And sweet little dresses :-). Gorgeous dining room too!!!!

PEU said...

I LOVE your dining room!

Dona said...

Love all of your WIPs. I think it's the fist stitching I've seen of the Amsterdam Sampler, although I've had my eye on it for awhile.

Stitch what you love whenever you want to stitch it - that's my philosophy now!

Brigitte said...

So many beautiful projects! I bet you could spend your whole day stitching without getting bored.